Diseases have memory …

I started to question time perception and our cumulated experience which is what forms our identity. My initial research centred around the wonder of everyday phenomena as seen through the artist’s perspective, but now it is inviting me to re-evaluate my perception of the beauty. I have noticed all around me how rich life is, even in my skin, my eyes and my back X-ray. They all lead me to think more deeply about my body.

The human body became the medium for me to create a language with people. It is relevant to the way that we see life. I do believe that changing the world means changing the way we understand our selves. Through human science, we as artists thrive on seeing deeply, on expanding perception and attention.

I am exploring the notion of what medicine considers truth depends on how we look at it. We all have different phobia. Each person has his own fears of different types of disease, depending on his family tree. I ended up with the idea that some diseases have memory, they are genetic, and they save their information in our DNA. The body is the indicator of our health level whereas the brain is the essential software. The brain controls all the functions of the body, it interprets information from the outside world, and embodies the essence of the soul and mind. It contains all the data which programmes our thoughts, memories, speech, movements and balance.

I am very interested in how our brain works because it defines our identity and our memories. We come in, born with a gene containing our DNA, and before we die, we forget who we are. Between that remembrance and forgetfulness, I found the meaning of our existence. 

I am always trying to get to the essence of what it is to be aware as a human being. I noticed that the person next to me doesn’t see my special memories which fly in the air of the room which we are sharing. The data which has been written in our mind is diverse; you can remember your Italian friend’s name with an Italian accent not with your mother-language’s accent! Now the first question coming into my head in English, not Arabic, is: by which language do we remember?

Memory Matter’ is my theme which highlights the aspects of losing memory perception rather than focusing on the negative aspects of Alzheimer’s. I want to show the meaning of our worthiness. I research how our brain works, the truth is that there is too much to it, it is endlessness. But the main thing I wonder is, if there is no memory, there is nothing, memory keeps our heart remembering how to beat, which is the last stage of Alzheimer’s before death … Amnesia!

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